txt.udia.ca(1)                    txt.udia.ca                    txt.udia.ca(1)

    txt.udia.ca: command line pastebin.

    <command> | curl -H 'UDIA-SECRET-KEY: udiasecretkeyvalue' -F 'txt=<-' https://txt.udia.ca

    where udiasecretkeyvalue should be replaced with a valid secret,

    or submit using the following form

DESCRIPTION Entries will be automatically highlighted using highlight.js. Add ?<lang> to resulting url for manual language syntax highlighting. Submitted entries will DISAPPEAR after 24 hours! Add this to your .*rc to enable piping directly to txt (sed removes colours): alias txt=" \ sed -r 's/[([0-9]{{1,2}}(;[0-9]{{1,2}})?)?[m|K]//g' \ | curl -H 'UDIA-SECRET-KEY: udiasecretkeyvalue' -F 'txt=<-' https://txt.udia.ca" EXAMPLES ~$ echo 'print("Hello world!")' | curl -H 'UDIA-SECRET-KEY: udiasecretkeyvalue' -F 'txt=<-' https://txt.udia.ca https://txt.udia.ca/8gad9 ~$ firefox https://txt.udia.ca/8gad9?py SEE ALSO https://github.com/udiaca/txt.udia.ca https://github.com/tannercollin/t0txt https://github.com/rupa/sprunge